The SoloTrader Forums is the property of SoloTrader and presented herein is the Disclaimer for the utilization of the SoloTrader Forums that was created for the protection of both parties: the company (SoloTrader) and the participants (clients)


Forex trading, as any business, is risky but even more so as it relies on a constantly changing market. Investing your financial assets should be done at your own risk meaning the client should only participate if they are ready for the consequences. SoloTrader and all its associates including but are not limited to the directors, employees, and any affiliates of SoloTrader, even the third party, are therefore not liable for any damage or loss financially or otherwise caused directly by decisions of the client regarding his or her assets. Ideally, the client should only risk loss using risk capital to ensure that the client will be financially stable no matter the results. All results and market movements are uncertain. Hypothetical research, simulated trading programs, and any assumed performance are not certain and therefore should only be used as a guide and not as an indication of absolute results that may directly or indirectly affect the trading career of the client.

Information Accuracy

All information, opinions, analysis, announcements, responses and any other material within the forums is shown to the client as it is. SoloTrader does not stipulate the veracity of information and any other materials provided in the forums explicitly or implicitly. SoloTrader disclaims any guarantees of profitability and pragmatism of information used for any purpose.

SoloTrader and all its associates including but are not limited to the directors, employees, and any affiliates of SoloTrader, even the third party, are not responsible for any damage or loss acquired in case of disruption while using the forums or any acts of access that involves the forums. SoloTrader will not be held accountable for any substantial, accidental, and exceptional damages derived from the ability or inability to utilize the forums regardless of whether or not SoloTrader has been notified of any possibility of such damages. All information and materials in the forums’ only purpose is to inform and to educate and therefore should not be regarded otherwise and put SoloTrader in any obligation in case of any misuse for any other purposes than the stated above.


Access to the SoloTrader forums, online chat, and other means of communication under the control of SoloTrader is under the jurisdiction of the terms and conditions of the SoloTrader forum rules. Therefore, participants of the forum consent to the rules and agree that the inability to abide by them subjects said participants to the entailed penalties that may result in banning and even legal actions. As participants are allowed to use the information from the forums the way they see fit provided that it is for the education and improvement of their trading careers and does not harm any other party, SoloTrader has also the right to utilize information provided by participants without prior consent. These uses of information include but are not limited to: printed publications, website advertisements. and multimedia presentations.


The participants of the SoloTrader forum shall be subjected under the terms and conditions of the SoloTrader forum rules once they click the ‘I agree’ checkbox. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, it is presumed that the client understands the disclaimer, the forum rules, and all the risks involved.

SoloTrader is entitled to change the Disclaimer and the Forum Rules without prior notice to the client therefore requiring the client to review the Disclaimer and the Forum Rules regularly. Continued utilization of the forums after changes have been made compounds the client’s acceptance of aforementioned changes.

In the case of legal case with regards to the enforcement of presented agreements, SoloTrader is entitled to a recovery of all reasonable attorney fees and expenses associated with the litigation.


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